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  • Export Citations from Science Direct to EndNote Web
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Use Internet Explorer to open and EndNote Web. Sign in.

Also in Internet Explorer, open Science Direct and search.

1. Mark the items you want with checkmarks. (Note that we have full text access only for items with the little green rectangle. If the little rectangle is white, you can collect the citation for your bibliography, but we don’t have full text access. For this database, if you need full text of an item that shows a little white rectangle, you should immediately order it from Interlibrary Loan.)

2. Click Export citations.

3. Decide whether you want abstracts included or not. For either choice you will get a citation + link to the URL for whatever we have access to in full text.

4. Choose RIS format.

5. Click export.

A little gray pop up will show indicating that x number of references are being exported. Click OK.


Next, Open the EndNote window or tab.

Look in the My References tab (1) in the left column under “unfiled” (2). Be patient---sometimes it can take a minute or two for your references to import. Once imported, you can mark them and move them to an existing or new folder.