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  • EndNoteWeb-- Exporting Citations from Jstor
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  1. Find the article that you want in Jstor.
  2. Click on the "Export Citation" button.
  3. Choose "RIS file (EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager)"
  4. Save the file (it's usually called citations.ris) to your computer drive.
  5. Open EndnoteWeb and import the file. Note: if you have the EndnoteWeb toolbar installed, you can tell Firefox to open the .ris file with Firefox and it will automatically be imported to EndnoteWeb.
    1. Go to the Collect Tab and choose "Import References"
    2. Use the Browse button to find and select the file (usually called citations.ris)
    3. Choose Jstor in the Import Option
    4. Choose the set you want to import the citation(s) to in the To section
    5. Click the Import button.