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  • Exporting Citations From Proquest and Importing to EndNoteWeb
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The Proquest platform requires the two step Export-Import process. Among the databases on the Proquest Platform are Proquest Research Library, Disserations and Abstracts, etc.

Exporting from Proquest:

  1. Mark the records you want to put into Endnote (using the checkboxes)
  2. Click Save and under "Export/Save", choose RIS (works with Endnote, Citavi, etc.)
  3. In the pop-up window, click Continue.
  4. You may get an error message saying a pop-up window blocked -- go to the top of the screen and allow to load popups.
  5. In the Save Window, you'll be prompted to open or save the file beginning ProquestDocuments[date].ris

    ## If you see "Reference Helper Direct Export Manager" in the Open With option, choose that; you'll be prompted for your email address and Endnote password and it will import them.
    1. Otherwise, choose Save (the file will be named ProquestDocuments[date].ris ) and go on to Importing to MyEndnoteWeb

Importing to MyEndnoteWeb:

  1. Login to EndNoteWeb.
  2. Click on the Collect tab
  3. Click on "Import New References"
  4. Next to File, Click on the Browse button and find the Proquest... file you downloaded (look in F:\My Documents\Downloads)
  5. Next to format, choose Proquest.
  6. Click Import.
  7. If you chose a New Group, you'll be prompted to create the group name:

    Type in a name for the group and click OK.
  8. Endnote will report back "Number references were imported to "Group Name".