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  • Export Citations from SciFinder to EndNote Web
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Exporting the citations from Scifinder

In the browser,  sign in to your EndNote Web account. In another window or tab sign in to Scifinder and run your search.

1. Indicate which citations you want to export with a checkmark.

2. Click Export in the upper right of the window.

1. Choose Citation export format (*.ris).

2. Important: Note the name of the file you are exporting or change the name to something you will be able to identify. 

3. Click export.

On the next screen:

1. Choose Save File

2. Click OK.

Decide where you want to put the file.

1. My Documents>Downloads is a good choice.

2. Note the file name.

3. Click Save.


To Import:

Open the EndNote tab or window.

1. Choose the Collect Tab.

2. Click the link for Import References.

3. File: Browse to the downloaded file and click the link.

4. Import Option: If you have not added Refman RIS as a Favorite, click the link for Select Favorites, locate RefMan RISin the alphabetical list and add it to your Favorites list. Once Refman is in your favorites list, click on the dropdown menu and choose Refman.

5. To: Use the dropdown menu to select an EndNote Web folder to add the citation to. If you don't have a folder set up yet, send the file to Unfiled and deal with it later.

6. Click the import button.