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  • Searching the Drew Library Catalog through EndnoteWeb
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You can search the Drew Library Catalog and retrieve citations from within EndnoteWeb.

  1. Go to the Collect tab.
  2. Click on Online Search.
  3. Select Drew U catalog.

    ## If you don't already have Drew U in the drop down menu,
      1. Click on Select Favorites.
      2. In the left section of the box that appears, find and select Drew U
      3. Click Copy to Favorites.
      4. Click Hide in the upper right corner of the the box.
    1. Select Drew U from the drop down box marked Select...
    2. Click Connect.
  4. Enter your search terms and choose the type of term/search in the drop-down menu next to them, then click Search:
  5. If the search locates more than a few items, you'll be asked to choose how many to view; the more you view at a time, the longer it will take:

    Set the numbers to retrieve, then click Retrieve.
  6. Check the boxes next to the citations you'd like to import into your Endnote and choose the group from the "Add to Group" drop down.