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  • Choosing between Moodle and Google Groups for Courses
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Now that Drew is using Google Apps, faculty members have a choice between using Moodle or Google Groups -- or both -- for courses. FacLab will be holding workshops on both Google Groups and the new version of Moodle in August as well as into the Fall Semester. 

Google Groups

Starting with Fall 2013, each course taught at Drew will exist as a Google Group. The members will automatically include the instructor and all enrolled students. 

Choose Google if you want to:

  • Email the class
  • Make announcements
  • Conduct online discussions
  • Share documents (files and folders)
  • Invite students to an event

Learn more about Course Groups in Google...


Moodle can also be used for almost everything Google Groups can do, but in slightly different ways.  Additionally, Moodle offers teaching tools such as attendance and gradebook, as well as a variety of interactive Activities and Resource sharing. 

Choose Moodle if you want to include any of the following Activities:

  • Collect and return Assignments online
  • Take Attendance
  • Offer threaded discussion Forums
  • Create a Course Glossary
  • Check in with students using a one-question choice activity
  • Offer Questionnaires
  • Have students take online Quizzes

Choose Moodle if you want to share these kinds of resources:

  • Book (instructor-created content)
  • Files 
  • Folders
  • Images using Lightbox Gallery
  • URLs (links)