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  • Departmental Email Addresses and Google Groups
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Departmental Email Address

A Departmental Email address is the best way for others to write to an entire department rather than to individual members (for example, All staff in the department can have access so that more than one person can read and respond to incoming email.

Managing Departmental Email Delegated Access

If you need to add or remove delegated access for a user, you have two options.

A Google domain admin can do this for you if you contact the University Technology Service Center at 973-408-4357 with the uesrnames of the people whose access needs to be adjusted.

If you prefer to handle it yourself, you must log in to Gmail via using the departmental username (for example, stuactiv) and password. If you do not know the departmental account password, please contact the University Technology Service Center at 973-408-4357.

Once you are logged into the departmental email, please follow Google's mail delegation instructions.

Departmental Email Address Features:

  • One inbox which all members of the department who have been granted delegation access can see.
  • Email sent from this address will list both the department name and the sender's email address. For Example: Instructional Technology and User Services (sent by

Requests for departmental email addresses must be made by the department head by opening a support ticket online or by calling the University Technology Service Center at 973-408-4357.

Google Groups

Google Groups are most useful as a discussion board for group members. They also allow for easy file-sharing in Google Drive. It is possible to send an invitation to the entire group list.

  • The group leader is added as the owner of the group. The owner is responsible for management of the group. 
  • The owner is responsible for adding and removing members. By default, when members are added, they will be set to 'All Email', meaning any posts that go to the group also get sent to the member's personal email address.
  • Group members who want to send e-mails from the group address will need to link their personal mailbox to the group. Instructions are at

With the exception of Google Groups for Student Clubs, which are managed by Student Activities, University Technology oversees the creation of groups for the Drew community. Requests for a Google Group must be made by the group leader by opening a support ticket online or by calling the University Technology Service Center at 973-408-4357.

Google Group Features

  • Discussion board for group members.
  • File-sharing and collaboration in Google Drive. 
  • Group Invitations to Calendar events.