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  1. Drew Network Information

    Drew's LAN: Internet Access Logging in Network drives Share files (assign trustee rights) Wireless networking: Using wireless at Drew favourite network kbhowtoarticle
  2. Best Practices

    Best Practices for Passwords Best Practices for Online Security Best practices for Remote Access A quick guide to email and network files when you're off campus Best practices for Keeping your computer healthy Best practices for Laptops Not Issued by Drew
  3. Introduction to Moodle for Students

    shortcuts to active courses (meaning the course start date has already arrived, but the end date has not) in the menu on the left (if you have it expanded). For … Moodle home page consists of blocks. These blocks provide navigation tools, announcements about Moodle at Drew, Tweets from University Technology, links to
  4. Setting up calls in Google Chat

    text message with a verification code How you do it: Go to (Please note: The link you … When working offcampus, we can use Google Chat (previously called Google Hangouts Chat) phone calls rather than a personal phone line. You will be able to
  5. MyFiles

    Drives will tell you how to grant other users permissions to your folders … Web access to your network drives As part of our commitment to offcampus access, UT has implemented a way to connect to your network drives
  6. "Account not configured" error in Citrix Workspace

    . How to stop this from occurring: In the system tray (bottom right hand corner of your screen), rightclick on the Citrix Workspace icon. Note: You may have to … If you've either installed Citrix Workspace or upgraded from Citrix Receiver, you may have seen the following error message when trying to open an application
  7. Setting Up Citrix Workspace for CloudPC

    to launch Citrix applications, please try using a different browser. To install the Citrix Workspace App, first download the latest version for your computer … click Sign In. For Duo approval, type in the method you usually use (such as push1 for a Duo push or phone1 to get a call on your main phone). Approve the Duo log
  8. CloudPC

    :// Learn how to install Citrix Workspace and get started with CloudPC Learn how to use CloudPC Use CloudPC for seamless access to Drew's … . Before you launch CloudPC, you should follow the appropriate link in the first box to install Citrix Workspace (learn how). Installing the Workspace app allows
  9. Locking Your Computer

    It is very important that you know how to protect your information and the information others share with you. One simple way to do this is to lock a computer, even if only stepping away for a moment. You can also use the password protect screen saver feature to protect your files. Locking Screen Savers Windows 10 Open
  10. How-to articles

    blueprintindexpage kbhowtoarticle Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin