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  1. Departmental Email Addresses and Google Groups

    Departmental Email Address A Departmental Email address is the best way for others to write to an entire department rather than to individual members (for example, All staff in the department can have access so that more than one person can read and respond to incoming email. Managing Departmental
  2. Best Practices

    Tips for keeping your password secure Best Practices for Online Security Best practices for Remote Access A quick guide to email and network files when you're off campus Best practices for Keeping
  3. Google Shared (formerly Team) Drives

    Start Here Policy and request instructions Google's Best practices for Shared Drives!/section2 page Additional Information Store & share files with shared drives
  4. Post a Drew Today Announcement

    how you've tried to reach the Announcements site). Your Announcement Text On the Add New Announcement page, enter a title. This is the text that links to your … Log in to Announcements WordPress page To post a Drew Today announcement, you can follow the "Add your announcement" link in any Drew Today email
  5. Guidelines for Posters

    dimension must be 40 inches or less. This is due to the size of the poster paper. The other dimension can be smaller or larger, depending on your needs and how … resolution of images. Attempting to make an image larger may cause it to become pixellated and look unprofessional. Think of how pictures on balloons look when you
  6. How to Set Up Your Drew Gmail Account in an Email Client

    to enter your device password … Not everyone wants to use a web browser to access their email. If your preference is to use a separate email client, you will need the following server
  7. How-to articles

    blueprintindexpage kbhowtoarticle Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin
  8. Setting Up the Citrix Receiver for CloudPC

    using Chrome to launch Citrix Applications, please try using a different browser. Stepbystep guide (for PC) Citrix Storefront (the website where apps are listed) uses a browser plugin to detect the Citrix software. The below screenshots are of Firefox, but all browsers listed above will need to allow/unblock this plugin
  9. Intecom Phone Instructions

    These instructions apply to the older phone system, the Intecom, which is being replaced over the winter of 20182019 with the new Mitel phone system … authorization code. Calling international numbers Dial 9 011 Country Code Phone Number the key. After the beep, dial your authorization code. Sending a Fax To send a fax
  10. Best Practices For Keeping Your Computer Healthy

    /deletefilesusingdiskcleanupdeletefilesusingdiskcleanup=windows7 10 Quick Way To Speed Up a Slow Mac How to Optimize and Tuneup Your PC … Backing Up Your Data What Can I Do About Viruses?