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John McClintock , 1867-1870


Image Added Randolph Sinks Foster, 1870-1873
Image Modified John Fletcher Hurst, 1873-1880


Image Added Henry Anson Buttz, 1880-1912
Image Modified Ezra Squier Tipple, 1912-1929

Image Modified Arlo Ayres Brown, 1929-1948

Image Modified Fred Garrigus Holloway, 1948-1960

Image Modified Robert Fisher Oxnam, 1961-1974

Image Modified Paul Hardin III, 1975-1988
Image Modified Thomas H. Kean, 1990-2005
Image Modified Robert Weisbuch, 2005-2012

Image Added Vivian A. Bull, 2012-2014

Image Added MaryAnn Baenninger, 2014-

Acting Presidents

Courtesy of the Drew University Archives