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If a student works on-campus and is paid through Drew, their electronic time-card will also be available to be filled out and submitted for approval on their TreeHouse Student page.

Employment opportunities on campus are posted to the Drew Community Forums Student Employment Opportunities Forum and the Career Center's DrewLink.

Housing, Parking, and Dining Options


In order to gain access to a Drew WordPress site, you must first be trained by University Technology. To set up an appointment, please contact the UT Service Center at xHELP (4357) or 973-408-4357 (HELP).

Network Drives

In addition to the F: network drive, members of the Drew community will also see some or all of the following network drives when logged in on campus on a Drew computer or through NetStorage Network drives are storage locations maintained by University Technology. Each Drewid is allotted a personal F: drive, and most Drewids will see additional network drives, depending on their roles at the University. Additional information can be found at My Network Drives. From off-campus, we suggest using MyFiles ( :

G:/DEPTS - Faculty/Staff department or program drive.  

O:/DEPTS - Faculty/Staff administrative department drive.  Staff and faculty members in administrative offices all have access to this mutually shared storage. You will only see the folders and files to which you have been granted access. Not generally accessible by students unless they are employed by the department in some capacity. If you have access to a G:/ drive, you will also be able to navigate to those folders through the O:/ drive.

P:/PROGS - Programs.  Staff and faculty members in academic programs all have access to this mutually shared storage. The P: drive is used to store academic program projects and files. This drive is not accessible to students unless they are employed by a department on campus.

R:/OLDATTIC - Old Attic.  This is a legacy drive for an older system of network software and communication processes.  You will generally not need to access the folders in this drive.

U:/USERS - Users. This drive contains the folders individuals have granted public access to, as well as any folders that another Drew community member has specifically granted you access to. You can find your personal F:/ drive in this folder.

access your drives. More information can be found at MyFiles here in Tech Help.

Off Campus Access

You can access all the available technology at Drew from off campus.

F: Drive Files

Using MyFiles, you can access the files from your F: Drive from anywhere off campus (or when on campus but not logged into the Drew network). Simply go to and log in. You will see your F: Drive, and the other network drives, in the navigation pane on the left.

For more help and information on the F: Drive, see Drew University's documentation on My Network Drives and .

For more information on MyFiles, see our documentation at MyFiles.

Please visit Storage Options and Backing Up Your Data for suggestions on not losing important work.


CloudPC is accessible off campus the same way that it is on campus, from

For more help, see Drew University's documentation on setting up CloudPC and Using the New CloudPC.

Drew Email

Your Drew email is accessible off campus the same way that you reach it while on campus, from, or by entering your full email address ( at a Google login.